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Meet Your Hosts!


Dr. Katie Linder

Co-Owner, Katie Linder Consulting, LLC

Katie has a PhD in Women and Gender Studies from The Ohio State University and has spent most of her career working in faculty development and education research roles. She is a two-time book author, two-time book editor, and currently has three additional books under contract for release in 2018. In addition to AcademiGig, she hosts three other podcasts. Katie also writes a weekly blog on topics related to academic productivity, creativity, and resilience.

Katie launched her side-business in the fall of 2016 through the formation of her LLC after she had been speaking, coaching, and consulting for several years. She currently works full-time at Oregon State University and uses her evenings, weekends, and vacation time to produce podcasts, write books, coach academics and higher education professionals, and visit other campuses to provide speaking, consulting, and coaching services.

Dr. Sara Langworthy

Co-owner, The Exchange Loop, LLC
Owner, DeveloPlay, LLC

Sara Langworthy, Ph.D. is an author, consultant, speaker and YouTuber. Her award-winning book, Bridging the Relationship Gap, addresses how educators can build resilience with children who experience stress and adversity in early life. She is a dynamic speaker who enjoys talking about the science of child development, both in-person and on her YouTube channel. She earned her PhD in Child Psychology from the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota.

Sara co-founded her first consulting business, The Exchange Loop in 2013, and in early 2017 fully launched into self-employment focusing primarily on organizational consulting, speaking, and making online video. Sara lives in Minnesota with her husband Jason and two dogs, and in her free time sings with the National Lutheran Choir.

Katie’s current income ratio for her side-business is:

  • Speaking 50%
  • Webinars & Course Sales 23%
  • Web Design & Coaching 15%
  • Podcasting & Royalties 12%

Sara’s current income ratio for her business is:

  • Consulting 82%
  • Speaking 16%
  • Book Royalties 2%

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